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Am Wochenende gibt es Musik:


Freitag, 20.10.2017 - Vince Andrushko (Beginn 20:30)


Currently living in the wild west end of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Vince has been in and out of the music scene for the last 11 years and 7 months or so. He plays a mixed plate of straight up country songs to toe tappin’ two chord bluesy numbers to fictional tales brushed with a touch of humour (depending on your sense of humour). Let’s call it “Mashed Roots and Groovy”…..salt ’n’ sour cream…..good for ya.
Recent tours have included a Home Routes run into northern Alberta performing as a duo with Winnipeg mainstay, Tom “Twisty” Fodey and three weeks as the solo opener for Last Ditch on the Left in Germany and the Netherlands.
Vince has recorded three albums to date…..the first being a one off solo effort called “Firstakes”…..a recording session he received as a gift from his brother. The second, “Almost Home” was done at Beverland Studios under the guidance of Jaxon Haldane and the third, simply titled “Vince Andrushko”, was recorded and produced by Jesse “Genius” Riemer. Both of the latter albums feature an extremely talented cast of some of Manitoba’s finest musicians.  A songwriting highlight thus far has been to have had one of his compositions, “Sittin’ on the Fence”, a co-write with Jesse Riemer,  recorded by Winnipeg blues icon and music mentor, Big Dave McLean. With a couple more albums worth of tunes simmerin’ in the pot, Vince is looking forward to hittin’ the record button very soon.

And now, most recently… this very minute (10:22 PM, Monday, January 9th, 2017……Happy belated Ukrainian Christmas by the way), Vince is trying to put together this little bio as though it was written by someone else in the hopes that the reader will find it impressive and somewhat professional, and therefore want to hear his music in their venue or home or car or what have you. Take care, and a lovely 2017 to ya.


Wie immer: Eintritt frei, Hut geht rum.






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